Muscat Hills is the perfect spot for a chilled beach day or weekend getaway, set amongst a beautiful private bay in Al Jissah Muscat, Oman. It is the ideal place to relax, unwind and drink cocktails on the stunning natural beach with friends or family. The hotel itself is gorgeous too, with traditional Barasti huts and I hope to stay there soon.


Located just 20 minutes away from central Muscat by car, Muscat Hills is a little Oasis of calm and the beach was so private. There is free parking on the property and we really enjoyed our beach day here at the club in May.

muscat hills resort
muscat hills resort
muscat hills resort
muscat hills resort

Beach & Pool Day Pass at Muscat Hills

Access to Muscat Hills Resort pool and beach for outside guests is 10 OMR each, and this includes a towel and a bed chair. I would recommend going early on a weekend because you will have first dibs of the bed chairs, which are right next to the sea. The beach vibes are really chilled and there is a bar on the corner of the beach, where you can sit and enjoy the view. And there is free wifi throughout the beach ๐Ÿ˜‰

I highly recommend this resort if you are coming over from Dubai, it is easily accessible to drive direct and it is the perfect little getaway.

If you love nature, bring your snorkel as there is plenty of fish in the water, and loads of sunscreen because the sea water is quite salty.

muscat hills resort
muscat hills resort
The pool is small but great for kids.
muscat hills resort
muscat hills resort

Food & Drinks

There is a great selection of food and drinks for everyone. We loved the fresh watermelon juice (watermelon in Oman is the best) and the passionfruit mocktail. I also loved the prawn Caesar salad. The food is the usual hotel prices.

muscat hills resort
muscat hills jetty
Loved the jetty out on the water!
summer vibes
muscat hills resort beach
muscat hills view
muscat beach day

Muscat Hills Resort Info

Muscat Hills Resort, Muscat Oman.

Telephone: +968 24 853000



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