I am a native English however, I have been living abroad for a while. I wanted to share this travel post on London and it’s not so typical travel guide recommendations, as I have been a tourist in London and ok its nice seeing all the landmarks blah blah but there is way more to London! The city has an amazing culture which you don’t always get to see in the touristy places. <3 London Vibes

I recently stayed in an up and coming area of London called Shoreditch which I really loved as it has an amazing #LondonVibe and a unique one of its own to that. I would highly recommend staying there to people who want a real urban experience of London. It is also amazingly located in the centre of London within Zone 1- so very close to all the main City areas of London via the tube and taxi. As well as having some of the best bars, restaurants and shops! Check out my recommendations:

Hotels in Shoreditch

The Ace Hotel  A really cool and modern hotel located in the centre of Shoreditch think Ikea meets chic interiors. The lobby even has its own Photo Booth!

The Z Hotel- Shoreditch I really enjoyed staying at The Z Hotel in Shoreditch it is perfectly located around 3 minutes walking to the tube station Old Street. A more affordable hotel at around £100 a night. The rooms are really nice and modern and the perfect place if you want a comfortable, clean and modern room to sleep. The flat screen TV’s in the room are pretty amaze too! P.S they have cheese and wine nights also free for guests.

The Hoxton- Shoreditch Again a really cool modern urban style hotel but it has a touch of English to it with wooden furniture and classic leather armchairs. I really loved the rooms at The Hoxton especially the round mirror in the room.


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Cereal Killer Cafe- Brick Lane: Definitely one of my most favourite restaurants of all time, I loved every minute of it (but maybe because I love cereal so much!!) I could literally eat cereal any time of the day. Brought loads of childhood memories back of sugary yummy cereals. Such a cool concept and restaurant. The Cereal Killer Cafe make their own concoctions of cereal bowls so you could get Cinnamon and Apple Jacks or Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. A must when in London!

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Duck & Waffle: With amazing views of London, Duck & Waffle is a great restaurant- breakfast, lunch or dinner. They actually also have a brunch with full English Breakfast. Within walking distance of Shoreditch about 15 minutes a must for the views, food and buzzing atmosphere. Make sure to book in advance.

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The Breakfast Club: A true example of a really cool London restaurant serving all day breakfast. I love their concept, with branches all over London I recommend the Shoreditch and Soho ones as I have been and they are both great. They have a vast menu and everything is delicious- love the smoothies, eggs and french toast.

London Vibe- Rooftops

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Queen of Hoxton- Rooftop and Club: A perfect rooftop garden overlooking London and the City, again very close to Shoreditch area by walking. Loved the BBQ menu at lunchtime and the frozen milkshake cocktails. Queen of Hoxton has 3 levels and at night there is a nightclub on the 2 lower levels. Recommend the basement level- underground club with a true underground feel. When I went, there was Garage Music and it was amazing!! They also have themed events and nights on the rooftop so check what’s happening on their website.

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The Boundary: Another amazing rooftop restaurant overlooking London- one of the best which is always super busy and usually queuing is involved, but definitely worth the wait! Everything is delicious on the menu. I recommend the lobster and all the starters as I think I have literally tried all of them!


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OTB Korean Street Food: I had never tried Korean food before but loved it at OTB. Located in the centre of Shoreditch, loved the cute little restaurant and everything we ordered. Definitely recommend the chicken wings and the Korean drinks, I tried the canned rice drink and it was delicious!

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Boxpark- Milk Tea & Pearl: Boxpark has a really cool #LondonVibe with unique shops downstairs and restaurants upstairs. Loved Milk Tea & Pearl bubble tea there- especially the original flavour or the coconut. There is also a great sushi restaurant, bar and a shisha place at Boxpark.

Old Spitalfields Market: A true London market selling everything from antiques to carpets and vintage clothes. There are also many restaurants and food stands, you must try Poppies Fish & Chips THE BEST! they have been serving fish and chips in the West End for 50 years.

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The Comedy Store: The best in Comedy Clubs!! Located in Soho a really cool area of London with some seriously funny stand up comedy in an underground venue. Be prepared for being picked on if you sit at the front.

River Trip

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One of the best ways to see the touristy landmarks of London and way more thrilling than any tour bus. As you get to go under the bridges and pass Big Ben, a tour with the best views and great picture opportunities.