There is something in the air? Dust? Pollution? Cat dander? Whatever it is, you need the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier in your life, especially if you have dust allergies like I do. Beautifully designed, the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is one of the coolest gadgets you can have in the home. At first glance you might not even realize it is an air purifier because of it’s premium design. Combined with state-of-the-art technology, the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is definitely one of the leading air purifiers in the market.

Living in a city, air pollution has affected the quality of our air indoors, especially with AC. I believe that nothing is more important than clean air at home because it can be difficult to control dust even with regular cleaning and vacuuming, and with the sand particles that are everywhere! In particular, I feel that it is important to clean AC vents often because these collect a lot of dust.

However, I am so glad I discovered the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier because it has a Watering System that filters the air, cleans it and brings it to comfortable humidity levels in the house, which is also important for those with allergies and makes it more comfortable indoors with AC. A really cool design element is the Rain View Windowand I love watching the water particles doing their magic and purifying the air! The Smart Indicator and Smart Lighting helps you actually check the quality of your air by indicating what’s floating around the room with a select color. This element is aesthetically stunning and looks great while doing great! Red alert indicates that your air quality isn’t good.

One of my main questions about the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier was how do I actually keep it clean and ensure that it doesn’t hold bacteria. Well, it has a UV LED function and a Smart Drying System, so the water in the bucket is sterilized before being sprayed and then when the humidification stops, filters are dried to prevent viruses and bacteria. I found this super reassuring and a main selling point, as well as the luxury appearance!

Other main features I love include:

 Easy Bucket

The water bucket is easily separated from the purifier, which makes it super easy to actually clean.

SmartThinQTMand Remote Control

With this innovative technology on the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier you can check indoor and outdoor air quality from your smart phone.

Filter System

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier has an innovative semi-permanent filter system, which can regularly be washed by hand and lasts for around 10 years, so it is a great long-term investment!

LG SIGNATURE products represent true essence while the beauty in design meets excellence in performance, and I would highly recommend the ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier. It really can help you with your allergies and improve your air quality in your home for you and your family!

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