Perfume is a big part of my life and there is not a day that goes by when I don’t wear one of my perfumes. A dream of mine would actually be to create my own perfume one day! This weeks perfume will be one of my latest favourites to my collection Shahla Perfume by Ne’emah.

One of my all time favourite perfumes ever is Laya by Ne’emah which was the first scent launched by Mohammed Ne’emah from Kuwait. It is the most amazing unique scent like no other. For more info on this scent here is a previous post HERE.

Shahla which means ‘A dark eyed woman’ in Arabic is a beautiful and seductive scent, when I first tried this perfume I instantly fell in love like I did with Laya. Its a fragrance that you just want to keep smelling and spray all over yourself! At first it is a soft floral scent but then you get the hint of Musk. A must have scent to have, and one that people will definitely comment on! I bought the scent at Sephora in The Dubai Mall, Priced: AED 385. If you are abroad you can order all of the Ne’emah scents from their website HERE (as many people have sent me messages on how to get hold of these fragrances)

More info on their website.

Top Notes: Citrus-green

Heart Notes: Rose and Orris

Base Note: Musk