Laya perfume by Ne’emah has to be one of the most sought out perfumes across the world and I know exactly why! The fragrance has been on of my favourites for a number of years as I love the beautiful mix of the Oudh, vanilla, and woody sweet scent which is really long lasting even on clothes. There are so may people who have asked me about this unique scent and so many of them have gone out and bought it too! I have also had so many messages through my blog on where to buy this perfume etc. well here are the places you can order it online.

It is a wonderful powdery fragrance with notes of vanilla, cedar wood, musk and dry oudh wood. If you love Arabian perfumes with Musk and Oudh scents then you must try Laya!

Laya perfume is available across Sephora stores in the UAE priced at AED 330

You can also buy it online through Sephora Middle East: Here

and for orders outside of the UAE and the Middle East Ne’emah has their online store where you can order Laya: Here

Enjoy this wonderful warm perfume and let me know your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

Tasha Likes Laya Perfume