Having lived in Dubai for many years, new attractions in the city can be quite exciting, especially if it is a first in the city. Dubai Parks and Resorts is a whole new level of entertainment in Dubai. I would 100% recommend it to families with children but I would also say as an adult it is a great fun day out, especially if you go with a group of friends or as a couple. However, I would say that a lot of attractions are catered for children but there are a few that I really loved and are adult friendly. My post will predominantly be focused on what fun adults can have during a day at Dubai Parks and Resorts. Great tip – if you have the UAE Entertainer there are some great buy one get one free offers on the parks. (I would highly recommend a day at Dubai Parks and Resorts but a few rides were still not open in the Motiongate park when I visited.) For more info visit here.

There are two parking entrances, VIP and regular (which still has a fee of AED 20 for a full day), with both you can enter the park through a little tram which is quite fun to see the surrounding park area that consists of a hotel and a river. We took a full days pass which allowed us to visit all of the parks during the day however, we didn’t have time to make it to the Bollywood park. I loved the riverside area which is actually open to the public and is made up of a number of restaurants that look great. I am definitely planning a trip just to eat there during the cooler months.

Our first stop was at Legoland, which I have to say I was quite excited about having regularly visited Legoland in Windsor when I was a child. Legoland Dubai is completely different and if I was a child again I would have loved it!

My favourite highlights were:

  • The indoor Lego model city is amazing and we spent so much time walking around. Most of the models portray iconic buildings and areas from the UAE but there also other famous places from across the region. I loved the Jumeirah Beach Hotel model, the Burj Khalifa and the desert camp in Jordan. All are interactive so there is a lot of movement through the city.
  • The Submarine Adventure ride was the highlight of the day! The ride takes you into a partially submergedย submarine that floats over an aquarium Atlantis style. So during the ride, you get to see fish, sharks, and stingrays up close as there is a number of windows. We loved it so much we went on the ride again.
  • The dragon rollercoaster was fun too and goes quite fast, definitely one for the thrill seekers.

It is quite a walk between and around the parks so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially during the hotter months! The second stop was at Motiongate, which has been beautifully designed, and there are more attractions catered to adults. When you walk through the park it is like walking on a street in America.

My favourite highlights were:

  • The Green Hornet roller coaster was really fun and fast, the design of the ride and the entrance is also really cool.
  • The Ghost Busters ride was a thrill, shooting ghosts with laser guns and the design of the ride was again very cool.
  • The Smurf Village, although mostly for children, but just walking through the village is really nice with the Smurf houses.
  • The Dreamworks indoor area, which consists of many show themed areas including Kung Fu Panda and Shrek. I loved Shrek’s house it looked so authentic.
  • The stores and restaurants in the street area of the park look really great and have been designed amazingly.
  • Just walking around the park was a fun experience!