In my busy life I sometimes forget to pamper my skin, especially when it comes to exfoliation and body cream. I do it now and then but not as much as I would like to. I recently discovered Rituals – The Rituals of Sakura products which come in an amazing box set (great for gifts). Including two different kinds of shower gel and body scrubs and an amazing body and bedroom perfume (will go more into details about the products soon). Sakura is the Japanese Cherry Blossom and the annual flowering of it has been celebrated for centuries, symbolising that beauty is momentary and life must be enjoyed. Rituals Sakura collection blends the sweetness of Cherry Blossom with nourishing Organic Rice Milk. It is a beautiful scent and you will want to use the products everyday just like I am!

Sakura Rituals box set consists of:

Foaming Shower Gel – I have never tried a shower gel in this form before and it has revolutionised my opinion on shower gels. It comes in a compact can bottle and when pumped it comes out like normal shower gel but once you lather the shower gel the amount of foam is amazing! It is almost the same as a really good bar of soap (and perfect for shaving). One of my favourites from the whole set!

Caring Shower Oil – Again a product that I think is exclusive to Rituals and is absolutley amazing! The combination of the shower gel includes a moisturising oil so even after washing your skin with water there is a nice soft moisturising feel to the skin.

Softening Rice Scrub – You can use this as a shower gel if you like a bit of exfoliation to the skin, it is a great product to use a few times a week and has a nice exfoliating element to it great to get rid of any dry skin.

Celebrate Each Day Body Scrub – This sugar scrub is great to use one or twice a week when you have some time to pamper yourself. I love how the product is also infused with some oils that leave your skin feeling really soft.

Body Mist – I really love this body mist, the scent is beautiful and it is great to spray in the bedroom too!

The Ritual of Sakura body cream is sold separately but is a must because it compliments the whole set of products and is really nice to use after the shower. It is super moisturising and you can feel that your skin is soft all day long, I love it!

I am a huge fan of hand cream and I always have some in my bag as I hate the feeling of dry skin which you tend to get with the weather and from soaps. Rituals Ginseng hand balm is AMAZING, one if the best hand creams I have tried and it smells so nice. I love that it also leaves a bit of moisturising oil to the skin which I have never found before in a hand cream.

Rituals are located in Mall of the Emirates and have multiple stores in the UAE, check out their Instagram @ritualscosmeticsgcc

I think it is also nice to have some great hand soap and hand cream in the bathroom and guest bathroom because normal soap is just boring and dries the skin. I love the Sakura hand soaps and hand creams collection as they also have the beautiful scent of the cherry blossom and look super pretty (I couldn’t take the photo without my little fluff ball posing).