As an adult you sometimes can’t understand why and how you are still breaking out, as a teenager you always think, it will just go away when I am in my 20s. But no, you still get the occasional spots that just crop up on the side of your face. There are so many factors that can contribute to this but I have resorted to Face Soaps which have really helped clear my skin, these are a few of my favourites.

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Growing up I was always told don’t wash your face with soap because it dries out your skin. I later came to discover face soaps can really help your skin, I have been looking for a more natural resort for a while now to combat my adult pimples. I was originally only using cleanser and water based products to wash my face but I have realized this really is not enough to clean your face. Living in Dubai’s hot weather and humidity it really can effect the oils in your skin, especially when you are wearing make-up on the daily. I would really recommend anyone suffering from adult pimples and even teenage pimples to try out face soaps but make sure you do your research as some suit different skin types better, and try a few out just like I did.

My skin type is mixed/combination but I was really looking for a soap that is anti-bacterial and can properly cleanse the face without any harmful chemicals. Here are a few of my favourites:

Lush Face Soaps

Fresh Farmacy: I will start with my favorite out of the three, I found that this soap is the most effective and helped reduce my breakouts the most, I also like the way it removes the excess oil. This face soap has a base of essential oils which soothes the skin, has antiseptic properties and restores balance to the skin. Some of the ingredients include Calamine Powder, Chamomile Blue Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Rose extract and Lavender Oil. When lathering the soap it can take some time, so make sure you get enough on your hands before cleaning your face. I also feel that my skin looks a lot fresher when I wear my make-up. Lush are really great and I have discovered so many new products for the skin in their stores as they allow you to take some samples to try before you buy. Would 100% recommend this soap to anyone with pimples or acne.

CoalFace: I heard so much about Coal and how it can benefit the skin. CoalFace is a great face soap but I feel that it is one more effective for a certain skin type. I liked CoalFace but I felt that it wasn’t as effective as Fresh Farmacy at helping clear my spots. However, my sister  says that it really helped clear her skin and spots, so it is definitely worth a try. The ingredients are also antiseptic and include rosewood, sandalwood and charcoal (plus a few other natural ingredients).

The Camel Soap Factory

I am a huge fan of Camel Milk Soaps and I love this brand it is so great on the skin and if you haven’t tried their products out yet then you must! I was excited to hear they had recently launched face soaps too. As my skin is a combination skin type their Camel Milk & Citrus Face Soap is recommended, however they also have different blends for different skin types. I really liked the smell and way my skin looked so bright and fresh after using this face soap on the daily, I also love how natural the soap is which includes; olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, lemon and tree trea essential oils to name a few. Make sure you check out their website for all their lovely natural products, as they are a great option if you are looking for a more natural option for soap.

Do you have any other recommendations of face soaps? I would love to hear what other great products you have tried and recommend.

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