I have recently been looking at ways to fragrance my house as there is nothing like walking in the door and being greeted by a pleasant home fragrance. I am not a fan of air fresheners so I was looking for other alternatives and I have always liked scented candles and fragrance sticks. So when I checked out the gorgeous Rituals store in Mall of Emirates (which has the most amazing decor and its own blossom tree) I was really excited to see all their deliciously scented home collections.

There is something about lighting a candle whilst your relaxing at home and a fresh floral scent lingering in the house, it helps you create your own little oasis and zen which is what we need after a busy day at work. If you are looking for some beautiful scented products for your home or as gifts then here are a few favourites of mine from Rituals latest collection, which is created by professional perfumers and inspired by nature and the East.

Fragrance Sticks

Like I said I love having fragrance sticks in my house it is the easiest way to create a perfumed scent as you regularly turn the sticks over depending on how much scent you want to create. The best part is that Rituals have some beautifully designed bottles that add an extra decorative element to your home as well as keeping it fragrant ( I mean look at that black perfume bottle).

Black Oudh Fragrance Sticks – One of my favourite scents, Oudh has a lovely rich smell and is perfect to fragrance the home, these luxurious fragrance sticks combine oriental and woody notes for an elegant and unique atmosphere. Plus the black perfume bottle looks great and I love having it in my living room.

Sakura Fragrance Sticks – I chose to have these fragrance sticks in my bedroom as it has a lovely sweet creamy smell of Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom. The best part about fragrance sticks is that they last for around 3 months and the white bottle looks great with my interior.

Scented Candles

Having the Black Oudh fragrance sticks and complementing it with the Black Oudh candle which I love to burn in the evenings, creates a relaxing atmosphere and an oriental, woody perfume.

Sweet Sunrise Candle – I really like the sweet and warm scent of this candle there is something about it that I find really uplifting and it is a great light scent to have in the bedroom, with a combination of sweet orange and cedar wood.

Home Fragrance – Another great way to keep the home smelling nice and you can spray it directly in the room and even on the curtains or sofa. The fragrance of Parfum d’Interior is very nice and subtle with White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren.

Perfume Tassel – I just really love the idea of this perfume tassel and it is really cute to hang in the house on a door handle, in a wardrobe or even just in the bedroom and it has a perfume refill too. Again with the lovely scent of White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren.

Wardrobe Sachets – Who doesn’t love their clothes and wardrobe smelling good? These sachets are great to keep all your clothes smelling fresh in a draw or wardrobe. The Dao wardrobe sachets have the same lovely mix as the perfume tassel and the home fragrance.

What are your Rituals?

Mine has to be tea, I have to drink a few cups everyday and I find it the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. How cute is this Rituals tea cup? They have so many delicious herbal flavoured teas to choose from I loved trying the Emperor’s Dream which is a mix of fresh Mint, Fennel Seed and purifying Meadowsweet, 100% natural.

For more info on Rituals visit them here and follow their great [email protected].