Boring old laundry days are a thing of the past thanks to the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, which is an appliance from the future (and my all time favorite in my house)! I love it because everything you could ever want from a washing machine has been rolled into this appliance of your dreams. The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine really makes the mundane task of laundry fun and easy (plus it looks great). Here’s How:

First of all, the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine was designed with TWINWash™ feature which means that you have two separate washing areas to wash your clothes that can be used simultaneously at the same time! The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is all about efficiency and it is so convenient to do washing on the weekends now with two loads going. The TWINWash™ Mini is under the main unit and I use it for delicate loads. Plus there is literally no noise, so I can wash a load at night!

One of the main selling points to me was the option to start and stop a cycle without interrupting the other and the fact that I can operate the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine with my smartphone. The machine is loaded with SmartThinQ™ technology so I get a notification when my detergent tank needs refilling and I can download specialized wash cycles, which I found super helpful for items like swimwear. You can even track the amount of water and electricity you are using!

The quick circle user interface on the machine lets you easily control the two washers at once and is touch screen. I like that I can make my own personalized user interface with the most frequent cycles I use. And there are language options.

The innovative and premium design of the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is one that you would have not seen before. The black door and tempered glass looks so sleek and the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is meant to last. It actually has a 20-year guarantee on it’s motor and anti-scratch enamel coating, how’s that for a good investment?

Opening the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is super easy and can be done by a simple push with one touch.  The drum sits higher than any washing machine I have seen before, and it means I can easily add a heavy load to the main drum.  It’s also easy to clean the inside drum area.

Other great features include the Auto Dosing System; where you can fill your detergent just once and the LG SIGNATURE TWINWASH Washing Machine automatically loads the proper amount of detergent you would need for your wash, ingenious! This can last for about 20 washes.

I don’t know about you but I am a fan of drying my clothes. I feel that it is an easier way to do washing and it removes any damp smells that may linger on clothes if they don’t dry properly. Well the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine has an Inverter Heat Pump Drying technology that let’s you even dry delicate clothes at lower temperatures using less energy.

If you are on the hunt for a new washing machine then look no further than the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine. It really is the queen of all washing machines out there.

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