It can be quite overwhelming when buying a new appliance for the house especially a refrigerator, as there are so many things we want to get right, and it’s an appliance we plan to have for many years. I recently discovered the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator and it really did tick every box and more. In particular, I was looking for a fridge that looked great, and the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is the statement of luxury in my kitchen, it has such a sleek and premium design like no other fridge I have seen.

The large size of the fridge was another main selling point, it was such an upgrade from my tiny little fridge I had before. Now I can really organize my food because the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator has a smart storage system, and I now have an area for veg, fruit, meat, dairy etc. all separated and stored perfectly. I also have to tell you about the folding shelves, wow, LG really thought about what people put in their fridge. This element means I can adjust my shelves just by folding them, this is particularly great when I need to store tall bottles of water or left overs in a large dish. Their additional compartment spaces are also great, which I use for small leftovers or half empty packets.

LG’s leading craftsmanship starts at the essence of every LG SIGNATURE product, which all have cutting edge technology and distinctive designs, focusing on each products true essence. In particular, I love the sleek handle design that seamlessly blends into the door of the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, which makes it easy to open, and the textured steel body looks so luxurious. Plus the external ice dispenseris a super a handy feature when you have guests over.

Another cool feature and design element is the InstaViewTMDoor-In-Door and one that will definitely impress your guests. It is a sleek mirrored glass panel (what I would call fridge window) that illuminates with two quick knocks and displays the contents of the fridge. I like this window feature because you can open it and it helps minimize the amount of cold air that escapes, keeping my food fresher for longer and it’s great if you want to grab a quick bottle of water or juice before heading out the door.

Other Top Features I Love

 Auto Open Door

A top seller for me was the Auto Open Door, and this feature literally let’s you open the fridge door with the swipe of your foot in front of the sensor. So no more sticky hands on the fridge door, I love this because I always need to run to the fridge whilst cooking.

You Can Control Your Fridge With Your Smartphone

This is such an innovative feature and one that I think will revolutionize the way we use our fridges through WiFi. With LG’s SmartThinQ you can control your fridge with your smartphone even when you are not at home!

 Auto Open Drawer

The freezer drawers just come out automatically when you open the door, another feature I have never seen on a fridge.

Keeps Your Food Fresher For Longer

The LG SIGNATURE  Refrigerator has a feature called Hygiene Fresh+ which cleans and purifies the air in the fridge, keeping it hygienic and your food fresher for longer. This is great for fresh fruit and veg, especially if you are planning on making a salad in a few days and do a weekly shop like me.

32% Energy Saving

This is something I had never thought of until buying appliances. But buying one that is energy saving really does make a difference on your monthly bills. LG has created an Inverter Linear Compressor that has revolutionized the core of it’s fridges, which means you have 32% in energy savings – AMAZING.

I feel that LG SIGNATURE products provide a state-of-the-art living experience with top-of-the-line performance, and I love the sleek LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, I am sure you will also love having it in your kitchen too!

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