Simplicity and perfection really comes to mind when I think of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV. It is the most innovatively designed TV that I have seen in the market and one that you will love having in your home, because it looks that good! The super thin design (it is literally as thin as a pen) and Perfect Blackframe really caught my eye. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV could genuinely fit in as a large picture frame on your wall.

I think it is the best looking TV ever because it just sits on the wall perfectly with magnetic brackets, meaning no loose wires hanging down from the back, it looks super sleek and expensive and is a living room center piece.  If you love watching movies and Netflix at home then the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is for you. I feel like I am at the cinema in the comfort of my own couch because of the Perfect Colorelement of the TV with thanks to the Perfect Black design.

The picture quality is really like no other I have ever seen on a TV. What’s more is that it comes with Dolby Vision™and Dolby Atmos®, which makes the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV the first TV of its kind. Why? Well you will totally see the difference with the superior picture and sound quality. The experience is so high definition that you will prefer to watch movies at home rather than bother going out to the cinema. My friends were impressed when I invited them over for a movie night at mine and introduced them to my new piece of art. We watched an Ultra HD 4Kmovie and they all said they could really see the difference. Another point is that the navigation of the TV from the remote is easy and convenient to use, which is what you want when you are trying to find your favorite TV program.

Investing in an amazing quality TV is important if you plan to have it for a few years, or are even thinking of moving house. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is one of those TVs that will never look dated because it is so innovatively designed and can easily be placed on any wall in the house.

P.S. If you are looking to surprise your husband with a gift then trust me the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV would impress him, especially if he loves to play video games.

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