Having curly hair and trying to find the right product to give you a nice hold to your curls and not damaging it at the same time can be difficult. I have spoken to many girls who have curly hair and we always have the conversation about which products we use and it seems that we all constantly change the products we use. I have always been a fan of using mousse as it gave great hold to my curls and reduced frizz. However, when I recently went to the hairdresser she told me that mousse has a lot of alcohol in it and that is why I was feeling that my hair was very dry. I had never really thought of this, although I am a fan of using coconut oil and now I love Balmain Pre Styling Cream.

I was recommended to try styling cream as it helps hold moisture in the hair as well as being super easy to use for everything. I have to say there is no going back for me when it comes to styling my hair now, I have found my favourite product – Balmain Pre Styling Cream! I literally use it for all my styling and it has definitely helped reduce split ends. When I want to style my curly hair I use it and then scrunch the ends with a small blob of the styling cream. When I have straight hair days, I moisturise some of the cream into my ends before I blow dry my hair and then straighten it. You can even use it on 2 or more day old curls to control frizz. Who knew Balmain had great hair products, can’t wait to try their shampoo and conditioner too!

Some of the ingredients include Silk Protein and Argan Oil. Balmain Pres Styling Cream is available to buy from Marquee Salons .