You may instantly ask what in the world is that chocolate delicious creation? I asked myself the same thing upon receiving this beautiful tower of sweet goodness at Walnut Grove. Which I have to say is my new favourite restaurant in Dubai, I absolutely loved it!

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Located inside the new City Walk 2 Mall, which I may add is really beautiful. With so many unique restaurants, shops and a great outside area perfect for walking during this time of year. The interiors of Walnut Grove are really unique with gorgeous wood and copper finishing. Originally from South Africa, the menu has a vast array of delicious meals and not to mention their sweet section – definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. Follow them on Instagram – Walnut Grove Dubai

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The layout of the restaurant is very open and you can see the baking and kitchen areas where there is a lot going on, especially their amazing cakes and deserts being made!

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What to order? I have to say that I took recommendations from the friendly staff who really know their menu well and I recommend it all to you too!

Drinks: I really wanted to try their crazy cake shakes which look seriously crazy, but I knew I would have no room for food. So next time for sure, but I would recommend trying them they are so insta worthy! We tried the Wild Berry Daiquiri which was my favourite out of the two, the berries tasted so fresh and the Apple and Mint Margherita.

Salads: Their menu says that their salads are famous so I really wanted to try one as they sounded really unique. I was so impressed, one of the best salads I had ever tried ( and I have tried a lot) – Cosanostra Chicken Salad. The ingredients in this salad were made to be together, so many flavours. From the chicken to the lentils, semi-dried tomatoes and mozzarella balls. It was a masterpiece of a salad and there were even edible flowers.

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Mains: The portions are all American size, so great if you like sharing. When I was looking at the menu I saw someone had ordered a burger and it looked insane – Walnut Grove’s Signature Burger. First of all the size was huge, but I did eat most of it as it was absolutely delicious. The patty was Wagyu Beef sitting  between a really soft brioche bun – a match made in heaven. With your usual amazing burger accompaniments and their signature sauce – if you love burgers as much as me then you must try their burger. They have some amazing gourmet sandwiches and we tried the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, literally a full steak in a sandwich with so many crazy fillings. The mix of the cheeses and caramelised onions was insane, best steak sandwich I have ever seen. Oh and the fries are just as good.

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Dessert: There were so many different desserts to choose from on the menu but their Rocky Road Gelato Sandwich just sounded too good to miss. The most delicious creation ever, I think the chef who created it spent a lot of time making it this perfect. All the most yummiest sweet delights put into one dessert – rocky road brownie, vanilla gelato, marshmallow and cotton candy layered with hot butter sauce. A years worth of calories but worth it! Their cakes were huge and looked just as good.

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