I love a good coffee in the morning, my favourite is a latte. I have personally never made a luxury coffee at home until I tried Caffe di Artisan, as I always thought it was so difficult. A brand literally born out of rebellion against machine-produced, bitter, burnt, over extracted coffee. I have never been a fan of instant coffee and I never will be having now tried the revolutionary way of making luxury coffee at home with Caffe di Artisan, its so quick to make in just a few easy steps. I love it as there is so many delicious flavours to choose from!

Artisan coffee is very new to me but I am 100% sold on the idea. Caffe di Artisan is liquid single shot pods made from a unique Micro Filtering Process. ‘Right from the selection of the water that goes into our coffee, the beans, the roasting, the grinding, and finally, the distillation of divine single-shot liquid coffee, through our micro-filtery, is artisanal. We select only the finest coffee beans for perfect acidity and flavour, which are then roasted to our specifications by our master coffee roasters’ (quote from Caffe di Artisan.)

I was really impressed, you can order your shots through their website which will be delivered straight to your door. The packaging is also really great and tells you about the different coffees and where they are from. To stay fresh you must keep them in the fridge and you also get a free frother with your first order. My favourites so far are Raro and Asmara, love the flavours as I drink my coffee without sugar. I am really enjoying making my coffees in the morning with fresh milk and taking it to work in my flask – beats any take-away coffee out there!!

Here are the quick and easy steps to make that perfect luxury coffee at home with Caffe di Artisan:

Pour your chosen shot into your glass from the pod.

This is one of the fun parts – froth the shot for aprox 10 seconds to create a rich cream, but not too much as you can also ruin the flavour of the coffee if you do it for too long.

Heat 125 – 200 ml of milk in the microwave for 30 – 40 seconds, or like me you can heat it on the stove until it boils. Make sure not to over boil it. Once boiled froth the milk for 15 – 20 seconds for a cappuccino or less for a latte.

Pour out the frothed milk into the glass with the coffee and top up with as much foam as you like, and your luxury coffee is done in a matter of minutes, and the best bit is there is no fuss or mess!