Jamaican vibes, Jamaican food and Jamaican hospitality is what you can find at the one of a kind Ting Irie. My new favourite place in Dubai! From the minute you walk in, the fun and vibrant interiors just blow you away and I felt like I had stepped into a little bubble of good times. The painted palm tree walls to the ceiling and fun chandeliers really make the experience and of course the amazing Jamaican food. I asked one of the staff members what was the meaning of Ting Irie in Jamaican – Everything good, and this is exactly what Ting Irie is in Dubai.

It was my first time checking out this gem of a restaurant, where I literally tried all Jamaican dishes in one sitting at their all-you-can-eat brunch for AED 395 per person. We sat by the DJ booth who played some great jammin reggae and slow mixes throughout the brunch, which is from 1pm – 4pm. If you haven’t tried Jamaican food then you must, it is delicious on another level! Ok, the food where to start?


I loved the fresh watermelon and the banana chips with the super hot sauce!


If your going for an alcoholic one then try the rum punch – delish, and the Jamaican beer which comes in a paper bag, Jamaican style apparently.

The Fabulous Jamaican Brunch Platter

The best tip I can give you is do not eat anything before you go to Ting Irie you need to go hungry and try everything (trust me you will thank me)! What is on this fabulous platter of yum?

-Oxtail sandwiches – OMG so delicious, my first time trying Oxtail and I loved it (tastes a bit like lamb) the spices and the bun are meant to be together in this perfect sandwich.

-Spitfiyah jerk chicken – I am a huge fan of jerk chicken and this had to be the best I have ever tried I could not get enough!

-Jamaican eggs benedict – eggs on a meat pasty (pastry with meat) now my favourite kind of eggs benedict.


-Steak and eggs – delicious and cooked perfectly.

-OG fried chicken – Jamaican’s know how to make fried chicken, literally put all the others I have ever tried to shame, the best in Dubai by far.

-Fried potatoes


-Ackee and saltfish

WOW is the only word I think that can really describe this amazing brunch platter, and it is unlimited!


Everyting fried! Their dessert is also on a whole other level.

-The carnival funnel cake is literally a fried doughnut in one big cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

-My favourite was the butter cookie french toast with peanut butter, it was amazing with the maple syrup.

-Iced watermelon with rum or without, literally the perfect dessert for the summertime a refreshing iced watermelon slice.

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