I have always loved Reem Al Bawadi Dubai Marina, growing up in Dubai I have many memories of visiting the restaurant and the branch in Jumeirah. The Middle Eastern restaurant serves up some of the best Arabic dishes in Dubai along with warm hospitality, also the views across the Marina are pretty amazing too. If you are looking for great authentic Arabic food, ambience and a great shisha spot then Reem Al Bawadi is the place for you, and I have to say that I enjoy every visit because the food is just so delicious, fresh and I love sharing a dinner with friends!

Reem Al Bawadi has five branches across Dubai, with a new one set to open soon in Dubai Motor City, the well known restaurant has been serving up delicious Middle Eastern food in Dubai since 2001.

There is something about Arabic dishes that I find so comforting, having lived in Dubai for many years now I feel that I have acquired a true love for them and when I am looking for a hearty and ‘home cooked meal’ they are always my go to dish! I have my favourites, and that is why Reem Al Bawadi is just perfect because it serves them all! Let me share with you some of my favourite recommendations.


You cannot go to Reem Al Bawadi without having one of their famous juices, because they are just so fresh and the best in Dubai! My all time favourite is Pomegranate, but the Mango and the Lemon and Mint is also just as amazing and delicious!

Mezza/ Starters

I could literally have Mezza everyday, there is so much to choose from and it is packed full of different flavours. Reem Al Bawadi Dubai Marina has a wide selection of Arabic Mezza to suit all tastes and it definitely is a home away from home. So what to order when it comes to Mezza:

  • Tabbouleh Salad and Fatouch Salad – these are my all time favourite Arabic salads and they were so fresh!
  • Stuffed Vine Leaves/ Warak Enab – probably my most favourite mezza I just love them and the flavour.
  • Spicy Potatoe/ Battata Harra – deliciously fried potatoes, the spices, garlic and the corriander mix is a match that just makes this dish so unique.
  • Hummus – in my opinion Arabic food cannot be eaten without a serving of hummus and this one was so fresh.
  • Grilled Halloumi – what can I say, it is just so yummy and perfect with a bit of bread.
  • Moutabel – another great dish to have with bread and meat, made out of eggplant.
  • Reem Al Bawadi Mixed Mezza – perfect for sharing, and it includes kebbeh, cheese sambousek, spinach fatayer and fried calamari – yum!
  • Sausages/ Sujuk – spicy sausages are a must try.

Main Course

I love grills when it comes to main course, and I would recommend getting a mixed grill dish at Reem Al Bawadi as it is great for sharing. The dish comprises of lamb cubes, kabab halabi, shish tawook, lebanese kofta, meat arayes and lamb chops, and don’t forget the garlic dip. The perfect dish for meat lovers!

Desserts and Tea

On any visit to Reem Al Bawadi you cannot leave without having a serving of their authentic desserts and Morroccan Tea. I have to say that my all time favourite Arabic sweet is Kenafa, and if you have never tried it before then you must because you don’t know what your missing! It is a cheesy, crunchy, sugary dessert that has a special place in my heart. So definitely order the Mixed Arabic Sweets at Reem Al Bawadi, as it includes Kenafa, Baklava and Halawat al Jiben. A must along with all of these sweets is the delicious minty Morrocan Tea.

My beloved Kenafa!

Reem Al Bawadi Info 

Location: Dubai Marina Walk, Near Spinney’s

04 4522525