I have been to a few Iftars this year but the Al Fanous tent at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is by far my favourite. From the minute you walk into the Ramadan tent, which is actually a ballroom, the interior mesmerises you. I really loved the grand and prestige theme of the tent, with beautiful light fixtures and tent inspired ceiling, along with the purple theme subtly created throughout the tent, hinted with the dim lighting. Oh and there is soooo much to choose from on the buffet, I would describe it as a buffet of the world! Priced at AED 199 per person, inclusive of water, tea and soft drinks. Be sure to book in advance as it gets very busy.

After taking a walk around the buffet I had to decide which cuisines I wanted to try. I ate most of my appetisers walking around checking out what else to choose. The Samosa’s were amazing – cheese and also the meat. I love Asian food so I tried the dim sum and also the sushi, which was great. On the Arabic menu, dishes included grills, Samaka Harra (baked fish with tomatoes) and rice, this was delicious! Other traditional dishes included Ouzi, mezze, falafel and Kibbeh w Laban just to name a few. There was also an amazing salad bar dedicated to fresh arabic salads like fattoush and tabbouleh – my favourite! During Ramadan I love indulging in the tradditional drinks, including Vimto, tamarhindi and amardeen.

When it came to desserts there was so much to choose from! My favourites were the baklava tower yum! and the chocolate pudding. There is a great selection of Arabic desserts, Turkish ice-cream, Kunafa, and a chocolate fountain. Make sure you raid the dessert section early on as it gets soo busy.

If you are looking for a great iftar with family and friends or co-workers Al Fanous is an ideal choice, with so much to choose from it was created fo all different tastes!  Thanks JW Marriott Marquis Dubai for having me.