I am a beach girl all year round living in Dubai and we are so lucky to have so many great beaches to choose from! Winter in Dubai is the real beach season, as the water is fresh and you don’t feel like you are roasting, ultimate time for that golden tan. I have so many flip flops but I was so happy to get my hands on some of the latest Havaianas slims, as they are super comfy and compliment my beachwear perfectly. Every girl (and guy) should invest in a pair of these, they are the best beach accessory from Brazil. Have a #HavaianasMoment.

Tasha Likes Havaianas Image 1

Tasha Likes Havaianas Image 2

Havaianas have so many great styles and colours to choose from for every shape and size of foot. Love their printed flip flops too! You can find an amazing selection of Havaianas at Hamac stores across Dubai, I love their JBR branch at The Beach Mall. They have beautiful swimwear and accessories too.

Tasha Likes Havaianas Image 3

Spot the little crab chilling on the beach.