I recently discovered a really cool unique Brazilian Fashion and Accessories brand in Dubai called Chilli Beans Sunglasses. They have some of the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen! whats more, each of their sunglasses are unique and there is only one piece in each design.

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The Dubai Chilli Beans store is located in Dubai Mall, in the Metro Link Area which has some really nice shops that I recently discovered. Chilli Beans also have amazing watches and glasses both for men and women. What is really unique about the Brazilian brand is that they have a different collection each month with a different theme. I loved visiting the store and picking out my latest blue mirrored Summer Sunglasses. Their prices are really affordable too, ranging from 200 AED- 500+ AED.

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Outfit:           Dress: H&M     Sunglasses: Chilli Beans

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